Jason Drew

Jason Drew

FLY-FARMER and insect technology pioneer AgriProtein, named as one of TIME magazine’s Top 50 Genius Companies

Jason Drew is an international business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author. Before becoming CEO of AgriProtein, a company that he co-founded with his brother in 2009, he held leadership roles in several international businesses. Businesses from General Electric to BUPA and Egg, before leading the start-up of Africa’s leading outsourced services provider with over 3,000 staff.

Born in London, Jason has studied at the European Business School and has lived and worked all over the world before moving to South Africa in 2004. Jason is the published author of books, a successful public speaker and a ‘planet motivator’ for our future.

He has been described by Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, and by Forbes as ‘The Lord of the Flies, who would be king’. He was awarded the 2013 United Nations sponsored Innovation Prize for Africa and his companies have won numerous awards around the world. He is also a passionate Polo player, he Chairs the Val de Vie Polo Club.

Volkert Engelsman

Volkert Engelsman

CEO Eosta, Nature & more

After graduating in economics and business administration Volkert worked for Cargill Inc USA before founding Eosta www.eosta.com in 1990. The Dutch company is presently Europe’s largest and fastest growing importer, packer and distributor of organically grown fresh produce and serves major retailers and natural food stores in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Far East.

All Eosta products carry a unique Nature & More ‘trace & tell’ (QR) code that provides retailers and consumers with direct web access to the unique story of the producer as well as to the ecological and social impact www.natureandmore.com.

Eosta was the first to obtain carbon credits on organic farming practices www.soilandmore.com.

During the 2015 United Nations Year of Soil Eosta launched the Save Our Soils campaign, together with FAO, 200 partners and many VIP’s amongst whom Desmond Tutu, Julia Roberts, the Dalai Lama  www.saveoursoils.com.

Recently Eosta launched the True Cost of Food initiative. It promotes the principle that food prices should reflect the true cost of food, including hidden environmental and social costs. While international policymakers are still discovering the promise of full cost accounting, Eosta takes True Cost to the shop floor. The True Cost of Food transparency initiative shows consumers the true cost of organic vs conventional products http://www.natureandmore.com/the-true-cost-of-food-how-it-works

Eosta and Nature & More have been awarded with various prizes such as the Nr 1 position at the 2017 Dutch Sustainability Top-100, the King William I Award 2018 and the European Business Award for the Environment 2018.

Erik Schoppen

Erik Schoppen

Chance-thinking innovator and idea accelerator

Drs. Erik Schoppen (1968) is a widely asked speaker about brain, brand, behavior, trust and leadership. In his lectures on the human brain and our behavior, he shows how to build trust and deploy trust from a social and sustainable perspective.

He is a brand expert, neuroscientist and behavioral researcher, innovator and designer, and co-author of the bestseller Strategic Brand Management (BNL, 2015). As a researcher and PhD candidate, he is investigates the mental mechanisms of trust, privacy and sustainable behaviour change at the University of Groningen (Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Cognitive & Social Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology).

As a chance-thinking innovator and idea accelerator, he built up a reputation for his strong performances, inspiring people and organizations with his future-oriented vision of a pro-social society and sustainable economy. He is the inventor and co-founder of WorldBrainWave, an online research platform making scientific tools accessible for experiments and surveys on location, in any browser, on any mobile device.

His mission is to promote future-oriented sustainable thinking, trust and leadership, as it motivates people and businesses to change their behavior and develop a more positive look towards the future.